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A Game of Cat and Mouse by Prince-in-Disguise A Game of Cat and Mouse :iconprince-in-disguise:Prince-in-Disguise 5 7
How to Buy Happiness - Post-Credits Short
Obligatory Post-Credits Teaser
The dark-haired girl had a slightly deranged look in her eye, but that didn't bother her, because that's what she always looked like. Daddy said she was beautiful, and that was all that mattered. She was catching up with her distant cousin – distant as in “lives on another planet” not the “barely related” type of distant. She knew there was a good reason they only ever chatted via text, but when she asked Daddy about it, he told her that it wasn't important, so she'd dismissed it. Daddy loved her, and that was all that mattered.
For the past few weeks, Cousin Timmy had been quiet. That had unnerved her. He'd always sent her lovely stories about how they would become space pirates together and roam the universe, having adventures. She never bothered telling him that she could never leave Daddy's side. But she'd enjoyed the stories.
When they suddenly stopped coming, she began biting her nails again.
Now, after
:iconprince-in-disguise:Prince-in-Disguise 5 8
How to Buy Happiness - Chapter 11
"Whoohoo!" Peter Quill, also known as Star-Lord, cheered loudly. "We sure showed them!"
"Throttle, Quill!" Rocket shouted, voice rising with urgency. "Now!?"
The raccoon's fur was standing on end and he was gripping the arms on his seat as though he was hanging on for dear life.
His claws had begun growing back quite nicely, Gamora thought to herself. It was a relief, really. No one wanted Rocket to think that they were taking advantage of his handicap in defending himself... Every stray gesture was a potential violation of the raccoon's personal space. They didn't want him to think they were reluctant to touch him either, though, because, for all that Rocket was wary of physical contact, he was even more susceptible to feeling rejected. So they came up with the secret agreement that, once per day, at irregular intervals, someone would offer or ask to pet Rocket, claiming that they needed stress relief or that Rocket looked in need of stress relief. Already, P
:iconprince-in-disguise:Prince-in-Disguise 3 0
How to Buy Happiness - Chapter 10
Lost and Found
At first, Peter wasn't sure who was shot. Rocket was covered in blood that was obviously not his – the colour was all wrong. It was more pinkish than red, but it definitely was blood. The kid was okay, there was nothing but a few pink droplets spattered across his cheek. A gurgling sound emitted from the billionaire, Septimus Brandt, and he dropped to his knees, staring at the hole in his chest.
"Father!" the boy cried.
"Sniper on the roof!" Gamora warned, and with a graceful twist of her lithe body, she was vaulting onto a chipped stone table, from which she swung herself up to the low roof and promptly neutralized the threat by decapitating the sniper before he could reload.
When Peter turned his gaze back on the business man, things looked dire. The bodyguards were gathering around the boy and his father, and the kid was using a piece of fabric he'd gotten from somewhere to try and stem the flow of blood. From what Peter could see, the man had l
:iconprince-in-disguise:Prince-in-Disguise 5 0
How to Buy Happiness - Chapter 9
"Ha! You dare challenge us?" Drax roared in defiance, his twin knives flashing menacingly.
Some of the enemy bodyguards actually stepped back when he glared at them. Peter couldn't really blame them – they all saw what he was capable of during the fight against the Moon Clan. Gamora brandished her sword almost casually and the offhandedness of her gesture somehow made her all the more intimidating. Groot was flexing his moss-covered shoulders and cracking his great wooden knuckles loudly. Peter thought some of those bodyguard dudes just might be wetting their pants right this minute.
But if they were caught in a firefight now, what would become of Rocket?
"Guys, I know we're awesome and all, but we're not exactly bullet-proof!" Peter hissed, nodding towards the shivering bundle in his arms.
"Just keep the small one safe," Drax assured him with a grim smile, "and we will end this quickly."
"I am Groot," their talking tree offered, thick wooden arms beckonin
:iconprince-in-disguise:Prince-in-Disguise 3 0
How to Buy Happiness - Chapter 8
The unstable laugh rolling out of the rotund man in front of him gave Rocket shivers. An elaborately decorated ceremonial knife appeared in the man's hand. He approached the cornered raccoon with a lopsided grin. The crescent moons carved into the blade caught the light and gleamed menacingly.
"I'll show you what I'm going to do with your sad excuse for family!" Gibbous Bisonbait said in a breathy chuckle.
The man's threat of selling him in little pieces was still fresh in Rocket's mind. He edged away from the maniac with the fancy knife as far as the restraint on his wrist allowed, but Bisonbait's slow and inexorable advance soon brought him almost nose to nose with the raccoon. Well, not nose to nose exactly, now that he'd had first-hand experience with Rocket's vicious biting capabilities (Next, the bastard was probably going to want to pull his teeth! Rocket grimaced inwardly), but uncomfortably close anyway.
As the crazy man raised his knife-wielding hand,
:iconprince-in-disguise:Prince-in-Disguise 4 3
How to Buy Happiness - Chapter 7
It was dark, even to Rocket's usually keen eyes.
The pitch darkness was solid and suffocating around him. He could still feel the fine wires of the net digging into him on all sides. When those hands had come closing in on him, he'd reacted on instinct – he'd thrashed violently, managing only to make the net become so tight that it began cutting into his flesh. He was stuffed inside a windowless box not much bigger than himself. The aftertaste of that spray, sickly sweet on his tongue, made him queasy.
And that was even before everything started moving.
The world began shaking as the box he was in was jostled about, probably in the back of a vehicle. The sedative won out over his nausea and his mind stalled, went into a sort of dreamless trance he could not really have called sleeping at any time of day.
He was jolted into awareness when the box was opened and he landed unceremoniously in a tangle of limbs and wire on a grimy, tiled floor. He let out a pitif
:iconprince-in-disguise:Prince-in-Disguise 5 3
How to Buy Happiness - Chapter 6
Dramatic Rescue Gone Wrong
"H-How did you uninvited people get into my luxurious abode?" the panicked pink man all but squealed.
Gamora had cheerfully (what passed for cheerful with her, anyway) volunteered to interrogate Mr Brandt, who was tied up in several vines provided by Groot. Drax was guarding the door. Peter couldn't help a little smirk forming on his lips. The sweating business man was scared spitless and he deserved it. Peter never did have much respect for people who picked on those smaller and (sorry, Rocket) weaker than themselves.
"We'll be asking the questions, Brandt," the green-skinned assassin assured him flatly. "You took our colleague and we want him back."
"Yeah, you know, furry, got a big mouth, resembles an earth raccoon and carries around a big ass gun? He's kinda hard to miss," Peter elaborated scornfully, "but I'm sure you remember him, since you tried to buy him from us shortly before you went and kidnapped him!"
:iconprince-in-disguise:Prince-in-Disguise 4 0
How to Buy Happiness - Chapter 5
Out of the Frying Pan
"You cross me, we kill you all…"
The arrow twirled lazily through the air to the sound of hypnotic whistling. Then it zipped across empty space, straight towards him. And then it slowed down to drift forward sluggishly, before abruptly picking up speed again and darting at him once more.
His eyes shot open. The sinister blue face looming over him had Rocket gripping the sheets frantically, biting back a startled cry. He let out a long, shaky breath, realizing that it was not, in fact, Yondu, head of the Ravagers, staring down at him, but a hideously life-like wanted poster.
As Rocket's bleary eyes wandered from the distressingly accurate poster of Yondu Udonta in all his glory, he felt his heart rate pick up. The room was dim except for the lights emitting from the various Ravager wanted posters (old and new) lining the walls and a computer screen that was so huge that Rocket almost mistook it for a window, bathing the room in an alie
:iconprince-in-disguise:Prince-in-Disguise 3 6
How to Buy Happiness - Chapter 4
Billionaire Septimus Gerhardus Brandt stared down at the still form of the sleeping animal. Its chest rose and fell faintly and it was drooling just a little down the side of one furry cheek. Until moments ago, it had been threatening to shoot him in the face. How could something so seemingly cute and innocent be so ridiculously rude and fierce?
Well, like it or not, the fluffy little thing was just perfect, especially now that it was back under control. Hopefully, after this harsh lesson, it would understand just who was in charge here and they would have no more problems with it once it regained consciousness.
"Gather up our unique prize, Sam," he ordered. "We're going to need something a little stronger than a paltry cat basket to hold this one."
"Yes, Mr. Brandt, sir," one of the Sams said smartly.
"And someone get Sam #2 back on his feet," he added, "I don't pay you lavish amounts of money to lie around airing out your socks."
Turning away from the scene
:iconprince-in-disguise:Prince-in-Disguise 3 5
How to Buy Happiness - Chapter 3
Chasing Tail
Over and under. Over and under.
It was a simple motion and he kept it up. Today, it was not out of necessity that Drax the Destroyer cleaned his knives. He found that, necessary or not, the chore helped him stay calm and focused. He was harbouring a great deal of barely contained rage at the moment and it would not do for him to unleash it on his comrades. While their green-skinned assassin was going over the city plans, locating their target, he was saving up his anger for the ones who deserved it.
Rocket could be a snide, obnoxious little show off, but Drax understood that most of the furred one's attitude was a show to cover weakness. There were times when the small one let his guard down, times when he had even allowed Drax and the others to see and to comfort. But these opportunities were rare and few. Rocket hated others seeing him as weak or helpless or small – hence his obsession with oversized weaponry. The fact that Rocket had called for he
:iconprince-in-disguise:Prince-in-Disguise 3 3
How to Buy Happiness - Chapter 2
Rocket Away
Rocket drifted out of a deep, unnatural sleep fully expecting to find his arms and legs chained to the operating table of some sinister alien mastermind intent on gleaning marvellous scientific insight by dissecting diminutive fur-based genetic experiments. Seriously, why could he never catch a break? He kept his eyes clenched tightly shut and instinctively curled in on himself. He lay still for a couple hundred of his racing heartbeats.
When nothing sharp and pointy disturbed him, his thoughts began to wander.
Everything that happened after the trap and the cage was foggy. Must have been that foul-tasting stuff they doused him with. He had a vague impression of… drowning? No, that couldn't be right. He was sure he remembered lots of water, though – panic and water and the taste of blood. He'd managed to bite one of the suckers before they put him back under with that gunk they kept spraying in his face. He fervently hoped the jackass got an inf
:iconprince-in-disguise:Prince-in-Disguise 5 3
How to Buy Happiness - Chapter 1
Great big gorgeous guns.
It would have been so much easier to blame all of this on Quill (and mind you, he still might!), but if he had to be completely honest with himself, Rocket Raccoon was pretty sure the whole thing had started because he couldn't keep his claws off a great piece of artillery, especially if said artillery was of the unfeasibly large variety. To Rocket, there was no better way to proclaim to the world that you meant business than carrying a weapon so big it dragged behind you when you walked and stuck out at least an arm's length above your head. Of course, the weapon in question belonged to someone else at the time. That had been at least twelve percent of the problem. The rest of the problem originated directly from the identity of the weapon's previous owner.
Basically, what it boiled down to was that the guy was stinking rich and had his own personal army of bodyguards. He also had the local law enforcement in his pocket, deal
:iconprince-in-disguise:Prince-in-Disguise 8 11
Frickin' Valentine by Prince-in-Disguise Frickin' Valentine :iconprince-in-disguise:Prince-in-Disguise 15 16 Rocket Raccoon - Rock Your Christmas by Prince-in-Disguise Rocket Raccoon - Rock Your Christmas :iconprince-in-disguise:Prince-in-Disguise 54 36 Crayon Kili Singing 'Blunt the Knives' by Prince-in-Disguise Crayon Kili Singing 'Blunt the Knives' :iconprince-in-disguise:Prince-in-Disguise 9 8

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Calling all Rocket Raccoon fans and fanfiction-lovers - I have written a Rocket-centric fanfic and entered it into a fanfiction competition.

The story is called "How to Buy Happiness" and is about Rocket getting kidnapped by someone who thinks there is nothing in the world money can't buy. It would be so wonderful if more people could read my story. For those of you who have already read it, please vote for my story on Inkitt. I would really love the support! :blowkiss:

Here is the link! How to Buy Happiness
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